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Friday, January 7, 2011

Calming Effects

Working with creative paperclay to create a doll, or poppet, has had such a calming effect for me in the last few weeks...My brother, as i just wrote this we had an earthquake, ok, everything is ok...anyway, my brother has stage 4 melanoma and has been fighting the cancer for about a year now...At each stage of this the latest news can bring extreme joy or shock and disbelief....i cannot fathom his strength and optimism......while our family is in this waiting game, staying creative and exploring the sculpting of the faces of my dolls brings a strange calm...i feel the personality of the each doll come forth...with the crazy long arms or the addition of a piece of an antique fabric..i know it is a result of being in control when everything around us is absolutely crazy....here my brother is having brain surgery at this minute, and there is an earthquake......god help...............

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  1. Hi Mary Beth!
    Your brother has amazing strength and you must be strong for him too! I'll keep him and you in my prayers!

    Your doll is lovely. Keep making these things of beauty... it's God's way of helping you cope...

    Hang in there!